About Jules

Hello there. I'm Jules.

My background is mainly in visual art but several deviations along the way I would say have enriched my work, as will, no doubt, further experiments and experiences in the future.

I started out drawing caricatures and comics by hand and then by utilizing my Amiga, other than escaping from a planet of robot monsters on numerous occassions, whilst getting low grades or failing pretty much everything at school. I took a year out after school to try 3D physical modeling and built myself Doctor Who sets and characters for a stop-motion animation. From there I went and studied theatre to build real life-size sets, and got hooked on sound design instead. A couple of audio engineering endeavors, a short stint in the RAF and several years in a factory later, I ended up heading to University and getting myself a BA Honours in Computer Arts where I rekindled my love of the third dimension and animation.

So now I make digital art with a specialization in 3D.

Projection Mapping is also another love interest of mine, as it's properties of dimensional illusion have me hooked and where I can I'll experiment.
Sound has always been a huge inspiration to me, whether it's music, spoken word, or effects. It always conjures images in my head that I love to recreate in my medium of choice, hopefully with stories and emotions attached. That said I'm also interested in the relationship between visual art and audio therapy. I believe there is a connection somewhere in frequency of the sound and light spectrum, but that's a work in progress.

Get In Touch

Thanks for visiting my site.
If you like my work, inspired by it or would like me to work on a project, that's great! Drop me a line, always happy to hear from you.

Use the email link below and fire your comments over to me.

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